Locance operates the most comprehensive cloud-based location platform to enable businesses with location, geofencing, device verification, and geographic compliance services. Location-enhance your applications across connected devices for consumers, workers and assets. Our secure, enterprise-grade platform offers a unified set of web services Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) for any connected device with an internet, cellular or Wi-Fi connection anywhere in the world. Locance supports mission-critical enterprise needs for location for gaming compliance and IoT asset management. Our services deliver location visibility utilizing multiple sources of location for increased flexibility and robustness. No mobile applications, installed software or specialized equipment is required.

Our Customer Portal provides access to Locance services for a host of applications and use cases including geolocation compliance for mobile and internet wagering and lottery, online transaction verification, remote asset monitoring and management.


The Customer Portal provides you with the resources necessary for successful application deployment, API integration, testing and launch:
  • TOOLS – Interact with live APIs through interactive developer tools.
  • RESOURCES – Review industry best practices, product documentation and integration guidelines.
  • REPORTING – Once launched, review usage and performance metrics to monitor and optimize your implementation.
  • ACCOUNT ADMIN – Manage users, roles, security settings, and test devices.
  • NEWS – Review the latest product and company updates.